How does it work?

Step 1.

Select the size of your room for your furniture rental in Holland.

Step 2.

Student Furniture Holland has compiled a standard furniture package for you that you can expand as required.

Step 3.

Enter where and when you want to receive your furniture rental in the Netherlands and want it picked up again. The delivery and collection is free for rentals of at least 3 months.

Step 4.

Go through the payment procedure and receive a confirmation from us.

Step 5.

Your order will be delivered at the agreed date.

  • Student Furniture has made my study period in the Netherlands hassle free. I highly recommend it for the reasonable prices.

  • Renting was ideal for my semester in Amsterdam. I didn’t have to deal with buying furniture, and instead got an immediate ready-to-go furnishing solution.

  • This was the ideal solution for my unfurnished room. The furniture was delivered on the day I arrived and picked up the day I left!