Terms and Conditions

  1. All orders are entirely without obligation and can be revoked at any time by Student Furniture Holland. The prices include VAT.
  2. Orders can be made through an online account.
  3. If an order is canceled, the lessee is liable for the full rental amount.
  4. Student Furniture Holland provides second-hand furniture. By placing the order, the lessee is aware that the rented property consists of used furniture.
  5. Student Furniture Holland strives to deliver furniture in conformance with the pictures on the website. Student Furniture Holland reserves the right to offer an equivalent alternative.
  6. Upon delivery of the rented property, the lessee must be present and able to identify himself with a valid ID.
  7. Delivery will take place at the pre-agreed time, date and location. If agreed time and date is not possible for lessor due to unforeseen circumstances, a new time and date will be agreed upon.
  8. If the rented property (because of size) cannot reach the place of use, this is the risk of the lessee.
  9. The lessee must be present at the agreed-upon time, date and location. If the lessee is not present, lessor will call via the telephone number. If the lessee is not heard from and not present at the delivery location within 15 minutes of the appointed time, the rented property is taken back. The lessor will charge €100 for transport costs and contact the lessee to schedule a new appointment.
  10. Student Furniture Holland is entitled to request a deposit. A credit card in the name of the lessee is required. Also mention other payment methods. The refundable deposit amount of €100,00 will be held on your credit card. If this condition is not met, the rented property will not be delivered to the lessee.
  11. From the moment of delivery the rented property and the use of the rented property is at the expense and risk of the lessee.
  12. The rented property must not be used in a manner other than it was intended to be used.
  13. The rented property shall not be made available to third parties.
  14. During the rental period, the lessee is liable for loss and damage to the rented property from any cause whatsoever. In these cases, the rental price remains due and also the replacement value of the goods will be charged.
  15. In the event of loss, theft or fire, the lessee has to report this immediately to the police and inform Student Furniture Holland of this in writing. Any resulting injury is borne by the lessee.
  16. The lessor is not liable for damage caused to third parties, to their person and/or property and those related to the rented property.
  17. The lessee must immediately notify Student Furniture Holland about seizure, bankruptcy or suspension of payments or other issues that may threaten the ownership rights of Student Furniture Holland. Lessee must immediately inform the trustee or administrator about the rental agreement between the parties.
  18. The rented property is not insured by the lessor. The lessee can take out his/her own insurance at his/her own expense to cover the above-mentioned risks.
  19. The lessee shall at the expiration of the agreed-upon rental period, at the end date, return the rented property to the lessor in the same condition that the rented property was in when it was delivered. The lessee will be charged for any damage, other than damage from normal use. If the rented property must cleaned be because of excessive dirtiness, the lessor can recover the cost of doing so from the lessee.
  20. Student Furniture Holland charges the lessee for damages and/or costs that can be recovered, in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, by deducting these from the deposit. If the deposit is insufficient, the credit card will be charged for the estimated amount. The lessee gives Student Furniture Holland permission to charge the credit card for this. Mention other payment methods.
  21. The rented property will be retrieved at the end of the rental period at the delivery location. If the rented property is not made available in a timely manner an amount of €50,00 extra will be charged for each day.
  22. Transportation of the rented property to another location during the rental period is not permitted without written consent of the lessor.
  23. The lessee is obliged at the request of the lessor to provide direct access to the rented property during the rental period.
  24. Repairs to the rented property may only be performed by Student Furniture Holland. The lessee may not disassemble the rented property.
  25. The lessee may cancel the order during the rental period via his/her account. The lessor will then contact the lessee to make an appointment to pick up the rented property. A refund of the rental amount is not possible.
  26. The lessee may cancel the order during a consideration period of 14 days without giving any reason. The lessor can ask the lessee for the reason for cancelation, but the lessee is not required to declare his/her reason(s). The period begins from the day that the lessor has confirmed the order to the lessee. The lessor provides a model withdrawal form with the written confirmation. If the rented property is delivered and the lessee cancels the order within the consideration period of 14 days, the lessor will contact the lessee to retrieve the rented property. The rental fee will be returned. The lessor will be charged €100,00 for transport costs.
  27. Customer data will not be provided to third parties by Student Furniture Holland.
  28. All orders to which these conditions have been declared applicable are subject to Dutch law.
  29. A rental period can be extended through the online account.