This is Student Furniture Holland


The furnishing concept for every student! That’s Student Furniture Holland. Furniture rental for a reasonable price with delivery and pick-up included! What more could you want as a student?
Student Furniture Holland ensures your study period is carefree. Rent furniture instead of buying! Don’t worry about the necessities of life at the start of your study or internship!
Of course, you can buy furniture at IKEA or a thrift store, but how do you get the furniture home? And what do you do with that furniture after your internship or semester? Student Furniture Holland solves all of these problems at once. We rent, deliver and pick it up. Everything is taken care of with one simple solution.



How does it work?

Step 1.

Select the size of your room.

Step 2.

Student Furniture Holland has compiled a standard furniture package for you that you can expand as required.

Step 3.

Enter where and when you want to receive your furniture and want it picked up again. The delivery and collection is free for rentals of at least 3 months.

Step 4.

Go through the payment procedure and receive a confirmation from us.


Do you still have questions? You’ll probably find your answer here!
Or call! 06-48795343