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Is the answer you are looking for not in our FAQs? Please do not hesitate to contact us. During office hours you can reach us at +31 6 48 79 53 43. Outside those hours you can contact us via email at info@studentfurnitureholland.com. We ensure that you get an answer within 24 hours. To order furniture, please use our digital order form.

If you will be living somewhere temporarily, then renting is always easier and cheaper than buying furniture. In addition, it is always difficult to get your furniture delivered. You can’t just get on a bus with a sofa or a bed. Student Furniture Holland has thought of all those elements and offers furnishings, delivery and pick up in one package. There are no additional or hidden fees.

Student Furniture Holland provides used furniture throughout the Netherlands. So you can easily receive your furniture anywhere in the Netherlands. From bustling Amsterdam to modern Rotterdam and from the beautiful Groningen to Burgundian Maastricht.

Student Furniture Holland can deliver within a week. It doesn’t matter where you are studying in the Netherlands. Once your request is received, we will contact you to determine the appropriate time of delivery. Student Furniture Holland can deliver furniture on any day – even on Sundays and holidays, if you so desire – at no extra cost.

It is easy to arrange for a furniture delivery. If you know how large your room in the Netherlands is, we can automatically create a furniture package. Of course, you can also indicate in a few steps what furniture you want and do not want to have delivered. When you have completed these steps, you will automatically arrive at the order form. There you can specify where and when you want to receive your furniture.

No you’re not. However, the costs will be higher if you only rent one piece of furniture. The more furniture you rent, the cheaper each piece of furniture will be in the end. Of course, our configuration system can help you with your essential furnishing needs.

Student Furniture Holland brings your furniture all the way to your room. Even if you live on the 13th floor and there is no elevator, we will climb all those stairs to furnish your room.

The furniture from Student Furniture Holland is purposefully compact. In addition, all the furniture can be disassembled and is easy to put back together. Therefore you don’t have to worry about anything. We can even bring your furniture up to your historic canal house in Amsterdam.

Student Furniture Holland rents all the furniture you need for a carefree stay in the Netherlands. From a wardrobe to everything one needs to completely set up an apartment. The simplest package consists of a wardrobe, a bed with a mattress, one chair and a table. With this, for €64.50 per month, you are to a large extent all taken care of.

The furniture from Student Furniture Holland is similar to what is shown in the pictures. In practice however it may be that your furniture is slightly different, for example, a different color than the original. However, it will not differ significantly. The furnishings are characterized by their compact size. This is for your convenience.

Student Furniture Holland rents used furniture so the price for you as a student stays as low as possible. Naturally, the furniture is of high quality, but because it is secondhand you can rent a complete furniture package for € 64.50 per month.

You can rent furniture for any desired period. The longer you rent, the cheaper it gets. Free shipping is already included for rentals longer than three months.

The solution is simple. Tell us the minimum amount of time you will need the furniture. Then you can easily extend your rental period via email. The extra costs we will eventually settle with your deposit.

In the Netherlands, you always have 14 days to withdraw your order. Should you decide that you would like to cancel your rental, please let us know within 14 days of your order and we will ensure that your rental will be canceled free of charge.

You do this by logging into the account you created. There you can view and manage your entire order history.

You do this by logging into the account you created. There you can view and manage your entire order history.

The furnishings are of high quality. Most of the furniture has already been rentd by other students, but it is always thoroughly cleaned after the rental period and checked for any defects. That way you always have furniture that meets the basic housing needs. Signs of usage, however, cannot be ruled out.

Student Furniture Holland understands that furniture can become damaged if it is used intensively. In any case we will look at how the damage occurred. A scratch? Do not worry; signs of normal use are obviously unavoidable. We will therefore look at how any damage originated. If there are signs of excessive wear, we will seek a settlement with you in accordance with terms and conditions.

A defective piece of furniture cannot be ruled out. Of course we will work with you to find the best solution. Where necessary, we will provide a replacement item. In accordance with the terms and conditions, we will further handle the damage with you.

You can pay with your credit card. You would do this of course using our completely secure payment system which guides you through the payment process into simple steps. There is a €100.00 deposit debited from your credit card until the end of your rental period. After your rental period we will, if the furniture has been used normally, automatically refund this amount.